Howdy! I’m a Texas based stay at home mom, wife and entrepreneur. I created Ever Junction as a blog for women, and men of all kinds to feel empowerment and greatness through my posts.  Ever Junction was created under one sole motto:

The Good, The Bad, and the Unspeakable – SPOKEN. 

Not everyone will stand up and admit the raw awkwardness of sex after a baby, or the trials of their relationship, but I will. And I hope my doing so can empower my readers. Or at least make them laugh.


Hey, y’all! I’m a night shift ER nurse who runs off of sarcasm, lipstick, and coffee! Self proclaimed Grammar Girl, sometime poet and definite nerd.  I care about people and love to share knowledge! 

I’ve worked on blogs about stress, business, and financial solutions. I helped edit a couple books on the same, with sarcasm and humor. 

We’ll help you talk about the hard stuff, giggle about the awkward stuff, and smile about the good stuff!