My Birth Stories: Baby 1 vs. Baby 2

“I have what I call Labor Amnesia”   The birth experience of my daughter (now almost 3) and my son (2 weeks old today) is DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT! Some say when you have your second, things are either exactly the same…

Me VS Videous Gamous: A Confessional

Sometimes I want to push your OFF button in the middle of his 2 hour War Frame grind. Even worse, sometimes I want to unplug you and give you a warm electrifying bubble bath! This war of ours is one sided and I can’t stand it! You don’t even try. You just sit there with that smirk you call a disk drive. Never moving, your light glistening, and your idle fan coming on, going off, and coming on again. You are my greatest enemy and I feel useless compared to you and your many endless functions.

Still, while he is away I use you to your full capacity. Pandora, Google, YouTube, I even dabble in Sims 4 or Grand Theft Auto V when I need to release some road rage on a non-sentient digital being. I binge watch reruns of Friends and The Office with your help, yet I still hate you.

Being a married, understanding woman, I feel I can’t blame him for loving you. For giving you attention when I’m bored in the other room. But I should. And sometimes I do. I guess my biggest problem is allowing you to seem better than me.

I think I know what to do.
If you can’t beat them, join them.

Getting Over The Sex Slump When You Are The Problem

Oh it’s hot and heavy, it’s wet and firey -and it’s not your sex life. it’s Netflix. It’s a rerun of Orange Is The New Black and those actresses are having more action than you’ve seen in weeks and THEY…

How to Identify a Toxic Relationship

From experience, I have had my share of toxic people and relationships. Whether a friendship or intimate relationship, I’ve been through both. Fortunately, since I’ve already experienced some of these terrible relationships, I now know pretty well how to identify…